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Check out whats happening at the Riviera this Summer!

Summer Holidays Bournemouth

Planning to take your family away this summer but can’t find a suitable hotel?
Live in Bournemouth and want to get out with the whole family for a fun packed evening or
already booked to stay with us but worried there will be nothing for the kids to do
during your stay to keep them entertained?
Well, we here at the Rivera know that family holidays are normally, more often than not,
one of the highlights of the year. There a chance to get away from your daily routine,
relax and spend some quality time with the ones
you love and we want to help you create those lasting memories and experiences you will look back
on and laugh at in years to come.
In order to do this, we have put together an array of entertainment for you to enjoy as a
family over your summer break with us, just take a look at what we have in store:


Not in the mood to cook? Join us every Monday and Thursday night throughout
summer for our very popular ‘make your own pizza’ nights,
an activity all the family can enjoy and a great way to spend the evening together.
Just pop on down to our Cunarder Restaurant, grab yourself a pizza base,
smother it in tomato sauce
and then choose from a wide variety of toppings to complete your perfect pizza.
When finished, hand it to one of our staff and will bring it back to you once it’s been cooked.

We will also be holding a Bingo night every
Monday in our Main Bar area, so grab a drink and join in the fun


The very popular “Rebecca King” will be back and gracing us with her presence
every Tuesday in our Main Bar, keeping all the family entertained with an array
of pop classics to dance and sing along to.


Here at the Riviera, we love a party just as much as the next person so to celebrate the season that is summer,
we will be hosting a Caribbean night every Wednesday with an authentic Caribbean buffet
for all our guests to enjoy.  Check out the buffet menu here. Our resident DJ, Gem Roadshow, will also be playing a selection of tunes,
old and new, in our Main Bar area.  There will also be a Pirates and Princesses themed fancy dress parade
for the kids to enjoy. But adults, please do not think you have gotten away with it that easily!
Fancy dress is welcome for all ages so get your grass skirts and flowery garlands at the ready.

Our lovely Bar Manager Kris has even put together the perfect summer Mocktail
to get you in the mood for our Caribbean night.  He has even supplied us with the recipe so you can make it at home, see the recipe below:

Kris’s Caribbean Cooler

1. Grab a hurricane glass,
fill the glass with ice and pour in 75ml of Ginger Beer

2. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice,
75ml Pineapple Juice and lime juice and give it a shake.

3. Pour the contents of your shaker
in to the hurricane glass with the Ginger Beer, stir and then add the grenadine

4. Now for the finishing touches,
add a slice of lime and a ring of
pineapple for decoration

Wanting that extra kick,
add 25ml of spiced rum &
25ml Capt Morgan’s dark rum to help turn this Mocktail
in to an alcoholic Pirate’s Hook cocktail!


Join us in our Main Bar for a quiz night from 6pm and get your general knowledge heads on!!
In aid of the summer there will be Fireworks on Bournemouth seafront starting every Friday
from the 4th August at 10pm so take a walk down the beach, chill out and watch as the night sky
is lit up as part of the Family Fiesta event. Also, from 7pm in the Lower Gardens and at Pier Approach there
will be circus workshops and shows, fire performances, stilt walkers, live music and more.
It’s a night not to be missed.


Our Resident DJ “Gem Roadshow” will be in our Main Bar every Saturday
night providing a vast variety of music covering all genres, ages and styles so there will sure to
be something for everyone. Whether it’s the top 40 chart hits, a popular dance number or a golden oldie,
they will be sure to have the right song for you to get your groove on to.


 Whether it’s drawing, painting or gluing we have got everything you need
to get your kids’ creative juices flowing in our arts and crafts’ corner available in our bar
from 10am until 6pm every Sunday. Just grab a drink at our bar and watch as your kids
create a masterpiece!


We have updated our Bridge Bar and Grill menu
with an addition of a few summery selections.

Check out the new additions to our tapas dishes now available.
Get your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering with our Mozzarella sticks with sweet chilli mayo
or our Buffalo chicken wings with BBQ sauce. What something a bit more refreshing?
Grab one of our Riviera Summer Salads made with Dorset lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion,
mixed peppers and house dressing with your choice of either a chicken breast or Cajun salmon.

We will also be adding a Cocktail of the day to our bar menu,
just ask our bar staff for more information


If that is not enough, we have also given our Cunarder Restaurant
menu a summers touch with the addition of a few new tantalizingly tasty dishes. Take a look here.

Why not try our chefs new Crayfish and Saffron starter with Parmesan crisps
and baby tomatoes. Why not follow this with our Dressed Local Whole Crab served with a
soft boiled quail egg, new potatoes and samphire crisps or our Charred South Coast Mackerel Fillet
served with chive butter baby jacket potatoes, asparagus and sun-blushed tomatoes.
And then for dessert, why not treat yourself to our Pimms, Elderflower and Blueberry Terrine Jelly
with a Pimm’s garnish, an explosion of fruity flavours.

We asked our Sous chef Petr to pick his favorite dish
from our new summer menu and to provide us with the recipe so you can make it at home:

Petr’s Classic Strawberry Trifle

1. Firstly to make the Custard, heat 600ml of Double Cream
and Vanilla ( 1 pod, seeds scraped) in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
2. Whisk together 4 large egg yolks, 1 tbsp of Cornflour and 2 tbsp of caster sugar in a bowl,
then pour in the hot vanilla cream.
3. Pour in to a clean pan and get over a low-medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes until thick and glossy.
4. Pass through a fine sieve in to a bowl and leave to cool. 
5. Put 400g of strawberries (hulled and halved), 3 tblsp of caster sugar and 50ml of Harvey’s Sherry
in to a separate bowl to make the strawberry marinade, toss together and
leave in the fridge for 1 hr or so.

6. After and hour, spoon the strawberries in to the bottom of your dessert glass.
Add 320g of Trifle Sponges (or Victoria Sponge cases) and then pour your custard over the top.
7. Now for the finishing touches, whisk together some double cream and caster sugar
and then use a piping bag to pipe over the top of your dessert. 
8. To serve, add some fresh chopped strawberries and a dribble of your strawberry
marinade for decoration.



Settled down by our outdoor pool but worried about losing your spot if you
go to the bar? Really comfortable relaxing on a sun lounger and don’t really want to move?
Never fear because we have come up with the perfect solution.
Our text to order service saves you the hassle of having to que or wait around for
your food and drink orders.
Instead you just send us a text with your order and we will do the rest for you.

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The Beginning of 2017

Hope you have all had a good start to 2017!


With 2016 having been a massive success for The Riviera
it was time to begin 2017 with a fresh start, and no fresh start is
ever quite complete without some hotel facility TLC!

This was no different for the Riviera, January saw a brief closing of the hotel
while we re-painted our leisure facilities, re-tilled the pool, re-varnished
the reception desk and even had time to add a new addition to our hotel
facilities list…. A Relaxation room

We hope the new addition will bring with it a boost in our Coast spa and leisure
facility bookings, acting as a sanctuary for guests and visitors to use while they
wait for beauty treatments or relax after a gym session or swim. With comfortable
seating, natural day light and cosy furnishings it’s the best place to sit back and unwind.

Mark our General Manager @ The Riviera is very happy with the new addition…..
So happy he thought he would model our new dressing gowns for us. The face says it all!

Mark isn’t the only one excited about the new Relaxation room.
The sales & events team think it’s GREAT however our attempts to turn it into our
new office were rejected!  But just looking at it…. you can see why we tried.


With gluten intolerance becoming more common, we as a hotel want to do whatever
we can to make your travel worries and eating away from home anxiety’s disappear, so we have
come up with a plan! We are adapting our breakfast menu to suit the needs of those with a
gluten intolerance by offering a separate gluten free buffet table with an array

of options to choose from. The gluten free buffet will include:

Bread Rolls, Cornflakes, Muesli, Porridge

Breakfast bars, Biscuits/cookies, Flapjacks

Brownies, Macaroons, Breakfast Sausages

(Items may vary on an occasional and seasonal basis)

We here at the Riviera just want your breakfast experiences to be hassle
free to help make your stay a more enjoyable one.


As well as new facilities, The Riviera has also seen a change in staff for 2017
with emotional farewells and celebratory welcomes.


Sadly the sales and events team had to say goodbye to the lovely Lucy who has decided
the Bournemouth weather just isn’t good enough…. She needs sun!
This lucky lady has gone off travelling for a few months to see the sights
of New Zealand, Asia and Australia!
Pop a shrimp on the Barbie for us Lucy!!!


Taking over for Lucy as Sales and Events Assistant is Lauren.

Having worked a variety of roles within
the hospitality industry over the years, Sales
and Events is a new and exciting challenge for her but she is willing to take it on
and looks forward to gaining better understanding and knowledge of hotels sales and events.

We also welcomed Inma to our reception team
and she’s already taking on her new role like a duck to water! She is an asset
to the Rivera reception team and will continue to be and to top it off, she is always smiling.

We were lucky enough to welcome Summer to the Riviera for a 2 week work placement
as part of her college course. She got to work with both the reception and
sales and events team to gain experience and knowledge of how the hotel is run.

Have you enjoyed your time with us?

“Yes I have, I’m happy I got to learn about the two job roles and what the entail, it has made me want to look into hotel work as a future career”

…….. We also welcomed Bruno to our kitchen team, however sadly
he was too shy to pose for a picture


So far Business for January & February 2017 has been booming!
We have had a brilliant time celebrating last minute Christmas parties with some of Bournemouth’s
local businesses, bringing in the Chinese New Year dancing away until midnight and stuffing our faces
with spring rolls, sprinkling a bit of romance over our restaurant to welcome couples for Valentines
and even helping a young child’s teddy bear find its way home!

We cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for us.
Happy New Year Everyone, come and visit us soon!

christmas party bournemouth

Happy New Year!

It’s certainly been a busy Christmas Season with over 4000 people walk through the doors to celebrate their Christmas parties this year!
We wanted to give you a look into what has been happening over at the hotel last month over the Christmas and New Year!

We had parties spread across the Cunarder Restaurant, the Mauretania and our Icy themed Britannic Suite all through December.
All the staff got into the Christmas spirit, dancing merrily in the kitchens and taking over the photo booth before all the guests arrived.
Even the night porter joined in and was caught rocking out behind reception at the beginning of his shift!
Our reception manager Charlotte and our lovely Amy got to meet Santa during our Santa’s Sunday Lunch which was a huge hit
and will certainly be back next year!! Also, check out the fantastic Riviera gingerbread house that
Amy created to amaze all of our Christmas residents.

We had a brilliant time with the Aster Group for their Christmas Party here at The Riviera.
They took part in an excellent #manequinchallenge in true Gatsby style! Take a look below:

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

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Meet Head Chef Attila

Attila is the head chef at The Riviera Hotel in Alum Chine.  He has been a chef for more than 20 years but hasn’t lost his passion for creating fine food.

He hasn’t been with The Riviera for long but has already secured a Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence in The Cunarder & Conservatory Restaurant.
Attila focuses on fresh and seasonal food, producing delicious meals using only the best local produce. His signature dish is the Dorset Lamb Two Ways.

Attila has mighty determination for perfection but still maintains a joyful approach when creating delicious dishes.
It is a breath of fresh air to work alongside a head chef who is cheerfully willing and able to cater to all guests’ needs without compromising his own impeccable standards
and always with a smile on his face.

We asked Attila for a random fact and apparently he can solve the Rubix cube in record time!
We will have to see evidence of this and we’ll be sure to get it on camera!


Attila has been so kind to give us a recipe this week for his dish, Pork Tenderloin with King Prawn.

Give it a go at home – see below for the recipe!




Pork Tenderloins
King Prawn
Pak Choi
Sugarsnap Peas
Balsamic Vinegar


Sous vide pork for 2 hours at 56°c.

After, remove from packaging and sear it in hot pan with butter along with the king prawn.

Serve it with char grilled pak choi, sugarsnap peas and balsamic vinegar jus.

What is Sous vide?

Sous vide is a simple cooking technique in which food is cooked in precisely controlled, low-temperature water.
Because the food can never get hotter than the water, under- or overcooking is almost impossible.


Don’t have a fancy machine? Sous vide this way…

Prepare a water bath in a pan and use a thermometer to check the temperature, it should remain at 56°c.

Place the pork in a ziploc bag and once the water is heated to the desired temperature,
place the bag into the water with the top open so the air can escape.
Hang the bag over the edge of the pot using a clip.

Once you put the food into the pot, you’ll need to bring the water back to the desired temperature,
you can adjust the burner as necessary to maintain a steady cooking temp.

Once the temperature is back up, start your timer and cook for 2 hours.

christmas party in bournemouth

The Bridge Bar & Grill

Since launching our new menu this June, The Bridge Bar & Grill has been been very popular among our hotel guests.
The homemade pizzas hit it off as soon as we launched and the tapas are also very popular.
A firm favourite has got to be the delicious fish and chips!

The Bridge Bar & Grill‘s menu – See Here

If you haven’t popped down these last couple of months then please do!
Below shows our three of most popular, mouth-watering pizzas from the new menu:


Pepperoni – Dorset pepperoni, chorizo, tomato, cheddar cheese

Chicken – basil pesto, grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes

Primavera – olives, tomatoes, peppers, wild rocket, mozzarella


The selection of Small Plates is great for those sharing!

Above shows the crispy, deep fried calamari, grilled Mediterranean vegetables and grilled handmade cocktail sausages.

All small plates are £4 each or £10 for 3!
Now that’s a deal you won’t want to miss!

This Summer…
The hotel has been packed full of holiday makers, enjoying the beach, the sun and the food!
We introduced our text to order service by the outside poolside where our guests could order cocktails and food.
We also have build your own pizza for the children to have fun and get creative!

swiming pool

If this blog post hasn’t already made you hungry then wait until you have experienced our scrumptious Afternoon Tea packages.

Afternoon Tea MenuSee Here

We offer the traditional English afternoon tea with a selection of finger sandwiches, mini cakes and homemade scones
with clotted cream & jam and freshly brewed tea. You can also have a glass of fizz with your afternoon tea or go all out with the ultimate package
which includes delicious macaroons, a glass of bucks fizz on arrival and a glass of pink bubbly to wash down your afternoon treats.



If you LOVE cream tea then you would LOVE our Discover Dorset Special Break.

Discover Dorset and all its beauty.
Enjoy Dorset cream tea on arrival, a full English breakfast each morning and dinner every evening
using some of the finest Dorset produce. We will even provide you with a suggested itinerary of what to see and do!

Stay 4 nights, we’ll upgrade you to a sea facing room with private balcony (subject to availability).

Just £49pppn

Available  Sunday – Thursday (offer excludes July & August). Minimum stay of 2 nights applies.

Check availability & Book Now!