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5 Top Tips for Wedding Showcase Visits

Newly engaged and wanting to start your perfect wedding planning?

Looking to attend a few wedding showcases but unsure of what to expect?

We have put together 5 top tips for you to help you

prepare for your first wedding showcase experience,

helping you gain more out of your visit.



If you walk into a wedding show blind it can all get a little too much.
 Always have a list of the aspects of your wedding you still need help
 with to hand so you know exactly what you need to look for on the day.
 To make it even easier, be sure to check the shows website a few weeks
 before so you can find out who is exhibiting and what they offer, that
 way you are able to make a list of all the tables you would like to see
 and can go straight to them when you get there saving you loads of time
 to ask the right questions and gather more information on venues suited
 to your needs only.
Some shows to offer maps either on or before the day, be sure to print
 this out so you can map your path and make it easier to find the vendors
 you are looking for.


No matter what you are enquiring about, all exhibitors you enquire with
 will ask for the same details. If you have cards written out already it
 saves you the hassle of having to write the same thing repeatedly.

Make sure to have the bride and grooms’ full names, email address,
 mailing address and wedding date written out so you can just hand this
 over to them when they ask.


You will need it to put all of the wedding information, brochures etc you
 receive throughout the day in, along with the few goodies and chocolates
 you may be able to pick up on the way round. 


Whether it is your husband/wife to be, some family members or a few of
 your close friends, it is always good to have someone with you for that
 all important second opinion. They can be there to bounce of ideas with
 or to help carry all you have collected. Its always good to have some
 extra support.


Because these are incredibly important. More often than not, the vendors
 you meet at wedding shows will be the ones you keep in contact with,
 should you decide to go ahead, all the way through to your big day so
 how they welcome you and their body language is a good indication of the
 service you will receive. Those who are smiley and friendly are often
 the ones who will be the most reliable and supportive and will be
 incredibly attentive making sure you are happy and you enjoy your big

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We will be attending three wedding shows over the next three months and would love to meet with you all. Pop in a see us. Please see the details below:
Sunday 2nd February 2020

Lighthouse – Poole, BH15 1UG

11pm – 3pm

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With up to 60 local wedding suppliers

Fashion Shows at 1pm

£2 admission

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Sunday, 8th March 2020

Corfe Hills School

11pm – 3pm

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